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This is a surname which is exactly the same in both spelling and meaning in English and German. It is of pre medieval origins, and derives from a 7th century word "spinel", which describes a spindle upon which wool was spun.

A spindler however was not a spinner of textiles, but a maker of the actual spinning frames. Occupational surnames were often not hereditary, they only became so after about the 14th century, when a son continued in his fathers business or occupation. If for some reason he did not, he would sometimes be called by both his occupation and that of his father as well!

In England the earliest known recording in any spelling is that of William le Spinlere, in the tax rolls known as the Feet of Fines in the year 1236, in the county of Essex, and slightly later we have William le Spindlere in the accounts of the duchy of Cornwall in 1296. In Germany the first recording is believed to be that of Adilhais Spindlerine of Luachringen, in the year 1279.

Our Spindler family including Wildish

Small numbers by a name refer to personal number in listing eg EMMA 3 SPINDLER ~ see 3



1.     ~ ~ ~ RICHARD SPINDLER was born about 1780 in Shenfield, Essex, England. He married MARY JONES. Mary was also born in Shenfield about 1861.

Richard was recorded as a Sawyer on the baptism records of their children between 1825 and 1843.


*                  JOHN SPINDLER, baptized 2 October 1825.

*                  JAVIS (JAVES) 2 SPINDLER, born in Shenfield, Essex, England, baptized 2 October 1825.

*                  SARAH ANN SPINDLER, baptized 2 October 1825.

*                  ELZIA SPINDLER, baptized 2 October 1825.

*                  LOUSIA SPINDER, baptized 5 October 1828.

*                  MARINA SPINDLER, baptized 23 October 1828.

*                  GEORGE SPINDER, born baptized 21 June 1835 in Brentwood, Essex, England.

*                  EMMA 3 SPINDLER, born around 1840 in Brentwood, Essex, England.

*                  ANN SPINDLER, baptized 5 November 1843. Ann married WILLIAM JOHN GARRETT on 25 December 1865 at St Andrew Holborn in London. William was born in 1838 in Norfolk, England.


2. ~ ~ ~ JAVIS (JAVES) SPINDLER (RICHARD) was born in Shenfield, Essex, England and was the second son of RICHARD SPINDLER and MARY JONES. Javes married LUCY (surname unknown) and they moved to Birmingham. They later moved to Plymouth.

Children of JAVIS SPINDLER and LUCY (SPINDLER) included:

*                  CLARA LOUISA SPINDLER, who married ALBERT KINGWELL and immigrated to Canada in the early 1900s.

3. ~ ~ ~ EMMA SPINDLER (RICHARD) was born around 1840 in Brentwood, Essex in England and was the second daughter of RICHARD SPINDLER and MARY JONES.

Emma married THOMAS (JOHN) WILDISH in 1861 in Rye, Sussex, England. John was born in London, England in 1837.

Emma died in South Oamaru, New Zealand on 2 February 1877. Thomas died in Kent, England in 1897.

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