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This name, with variant spelling Lambe, has three possible origins, the first being a metonymic occupational name for a keeper of Lambs deriving from the Old English pre 7th Century "lamb" meaning "lamb". Alternatively, Lamb(e) may have originated as a nickname for a gentle, inoffensive person, or it may have been given as a pet form of the Medieval English personal name Lambert, from the Old German elements "land", territory, plus "berht", bright.

The surname was first recorded towards the end of the 12th Century, (see below). One William le Lambe appears in "The Hundred Rolls of Cambridgeshire", dated 1273, and a Lambe de Harewude in the Manorial Records of Sheffield, Yorkshire, (1290). Occasionally, the name may derive from residence at the sign of the (pascal) lamb as in William atte Lamme, (1320). A famous bearer of the name was Charles Lamb (1775 - 1834), essayist and humorist, who published "Tales from Shakespeare", (1807), miscellaneous prose writings, (1818) and twenty-five essays, signed "Elia", between August 1820 and December 1822.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Aedward Lamb, which was dated 1195, in the "Pipe Rolls of Kent", during the reign of King Richard 1, known as "Richard the Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

Our Lamb family including Morrison

Small numbers by a name refer to personal number in listing eg JAMES 2 LAMB ~ see 2


1. ~ ~ ~ WILLIAM LAMB was on 2 April 1711 and was the son of WILLIAM LAMB born in 1668. He married CHRISTINE AITKEN on 16 June 1752.

Children of WILLIAM LAMB and CHRISTINE AITKEN included:

*              JAMES 2 LAMB, born 10 December 1758 in Scotland.


2. ~ ~ ~ JAMES LAMB (WILLIAM) was born on 10 December 1758 and was the son of WILLIAM LAMB and CHRISTINE AITKEN. He was baptized on 13 December 1758 in Lanark, Larnarkshire, Scotland. James married CHRISTINA HAMILTON.


*              ALEXANDER 3 LAMB, born 19 February 1782; died 1835.

*              AGNES LAMB, born 11 August 1784.

*              JOHN LAMB, born 7 July 1786.

*              MARION LAMB, born 25 June 1787.

*              JAMES LAMB, born 25 December 1788.

*              WILLIAM LAMB, born 2 July 1790.

*              THOMAS LAMB, born 30 September 1792. Thomas married MARGARET REID.

*              GRIZEL LAMB, born 8 April 1796.

*              DAVID LAMB, born 30 October 1797.

*              CHRISTIAN LAMB, born 26 April 1799.

*              JEAN LAMB, born 14 April 1802.

James died on 25 July 1853 in Ohio, USA.


3. ~ ~ ~ ALEXANDER LAMB (JOHN > JAMES) was born on 19 February 1782 in Lanarkshire, Scotland and was the eldest son of JAMES LAMB and CHRISTINA HAMILTON. Alexander married CATHERINE THOMSON on 13 November 1807 in Glasgow, Scotland. Catherine was born in 1788 in Scotland.


*              JAMES LAMB, who married JANET GALBRAITH.

*              THOMAS 4 LAMB, who married HANNAH HENDERSON.

Thomas died on 20 September 1836 in Blantyre, Lanarkshire. Catherine died in 1856.


4. ~ ~ ~ THOMAS LAMB (JOHN > JAMES > ALEXANDER) was born in Scotland and was the son of ALEXANDER LAMB and CATHERINE THOMSON. Thomas married HANNAH HENDERSON on 8 February 1835 in East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Hannah was born in 1816.


*              ALEXANDER LAMB, born 1836; died as an infant.

*              MARGARET LAMB, born 1837; died 1887. Margaret married WALTER SCOTT in 1858. She died on 20 October 1887 in Delaware, New York, USA.

*              CATHERINE 5 LAMB, born 1839; died 1904.

*              AGNESS LAMB, born 1840.

*              JEAN (JANE) LAMB, born 1842.

Thomas is recorded on the 1841 Census as living in Blantyre, Lanarkshire. His occupation was a Shoemaker.


5. ~ ~ ~ CATHERINE LAMB (JOHN > JAMES > ALEXANDER > THOMAS) was born in 1839 in Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland and the second daughter of THOMAS LAMB and HANNAH HENDERSON.

Catherine married WILLIAM MORRISON on 7 October 1864 in Kirkton, Blantyre, Larnarkshire. William was born in 1841 in Bothwell, Scotland and was the son of JOHN MORRISON and MARY ANNE MOORE.

> Refer to the MORRISON family for more information about the family of William and children of Catherine and William.

William died on 27 August 1903 in Gisborne, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Catherine died on 8 January 1904 also in Gisborne, NZ.

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