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This interesting and long-established surname is of early medieval English origin, and derives from the Old German male given name "Eburhard" or "Everhard", a compound of the elements "eber", wild boar, and "hard", hardy, brave, strong. Introduced into England by the Normans after the Conquest of 1066, the name is particularly well recorded in East Anglia, an area of dense Norman and Breton settlement. "Ebrard" and "Eurardus" (without surname) appear in the Domesday Book of 1086 for Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

The surname was first recorded at the beginning of the 13th Century (see below). The step between Everard and the later forms, Everett and Everitt, is Everad, as in Geoffrey Everad noted in the "Chartulary of Ramsey Abbey", Norfolk, dated 1300. Recordings of the surname from English Church Registers include: the marriage of Sarah Everett to Cornelius Fisher at Dilham, Norfolk, on July 25th 1565, and the marriage of Elizabeth Everitt to John Heyward at All Saints, Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire, on April 4th 1572. A notable bearer of the name was Allen Edward Everitt, secretary of the Royal Society of Artists of Birmingham, 1858 - 1882.

The Everitt Coat of Arms is a silver shield with a fesse between three red estoiles, the Crest being a demi lady holding in the dexter hand a balance and scales, equally poised proper. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Richard Everard, which was dated 1204, in the "Pipe Rolls of Bedfordshire", during the reign of King John, known as "Lackland", 1199 to 1216.

Our Everitt family including Pickford

Small numbers by a name refer to personal number in listing eg JAMES 2 EVERITT ~ see 2


1. ~ ~ ~ SAMUEL EVERITT was born around 1675. He married ELIZABETH (surname unknown).

Children of SAMUEL EVERITT and ELIZABETH (EVERITT) included:

*              JAMES 2 EVERITT, baptized 11 April 1675 in Elm, Somerset, England.

*              JANE EVERITT, baptized 23 April 1700 in Elm, Somerset, England


2. ~ ~ ~ JAMES EVERITT (SAMUEL) was baptized on 11 April 1675 in Elm, Somerset, England. He married JANE (surname unknown)

Children of JAMES EVERITT and JANE (EVERITT) included:

*              ELIZABETH EVERITT, baptized 6 November 1725, Elm, Somerset.

*              JANE EVERITT, baptized 30 August 1727 in Elm, Somerset.

*              MARY EVERITT, baptized 7 November 1729 in Elm, Somerset.

*              JOHN 2 EVERITT, baptized 9 August 1734, Elm, Somerset.

*              ANNE EVERITT, baptized 8 March 1735, Elm, Somerset.


3. ~ ~ ~ JOHN EVERITT (SAMUEL > JOHN) was baptized on 9 August 1734 in Elm, Somerset, England. John married SARAH GULLY on 21 August 1754 in Elm, Somerset. Sarah was born around 1735.

Children of JOHN EVERITT and SARAH GULLY were:

*              ELIZABETH 4 EVERITT, baptized 31 July 1754.

*              MARY EVERITT, baptized 7 November 1756, Elm, Somerset.

*              ANNE EVERITT, baptized 2 September 1759, Elm, Somerset.

*              SALLY EVERITT, baptized 21 March 1762, Elm, Somerset.

*              MARTHA EVERITT, baptized 03 March 1765, Elm, Somerset.

*              SUSANNAH EVERITT, baptized 07 August 1768, Elm, Somerset.

*              JAMES EVERITT, baptized 24 March 1771, Elm, Somerset.

*              JOHN EVERITT, baptized 24 March 1771, Elm, Somerset.


4. ~ ~ ~ ELIZABETH (Betty) EVERITT (SAMUEL > JAMES > JOHN) was baptized on 31 July 1754, the eldest daughter of JOHN EVERITT and SARAH GULLY. Elizabeth married JAMES PICKFORD on 13 September 1775 in Elm, Somerset. James was born around 1773 and was the son of GABRIEL PICKFORD and ANNE CURTIS.

Refer to the PICKFORD family for more information about the family of James and children of Elizabeth and James.

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