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This famous surname recorded as Webb, Webbe, Webber and Webster, is Olde English pre 7th Century. It derives from the word "web", meaning to weave. Originally a male occupational name, the term "webbe" referred specifically to a male weaver and later "webster" to a female weaver; although this distinction was not always made in medieval English. In the pipe rolls of the county of Suffolk, we find Osbert Webbe so recorded in 1221 and Alice la Webbe, in the rolls of the borough of Colchester, in 1327. The following quotation from the famous medieval book of social history "Piers Plowman" reads: "My wife was a webbe and woollen cloth made".

Later church recordings of the post medieval period include: Mary Webb, the daughter of George Webb, who was christened on March 5th 1550 at the church of St. Mary Woolnoth, in the city of London, and Mary Webbe who was christened on February 17th 1566, at the church of St. Benet Fink, also city of London. One of the earliest famine emigrants who fled Ireland in the tragic year of 1846 was Richard Webb, aged 20 yrs, who sailed on the "coffin" ship "Cornelia of Liverpool" bound for New York on January 26th 1846. Rather more happily Captain Webb was the first person to swim the twenty two miles of the English Channel in 1872.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Alger Se Webba which was dated circa 1100, in the Olde English Byname Register, during the reign of King William II, known as Rufus, 1087-1100.

Our Webb Family
including Bridgens & Haslip

Small numbers by a name refer to personal number in listing eg THOMAS ELIJAH 2 WEBB ~ see 2


1.      ~ ~ ~ ELIJAH WEBB was born in March 1822 in North Nibley, Gloucestershire, England and was the son of THOMAS WEBB and ANN HILL (to be confirmed). Elijah married ROSAMOND CAROLINE BAVAGE on 11 August 1850 in Jersey, Channel Islands. Rosamond was born in 1824.

Elijah arrived in New Zealand on the ship Joseph Fletcher on 17 October 1855 and lived in Onehunga until the early 1860s. He set up a painting business in Cook Street, Auckland around 1865 and in 1872 won the tender to paint St Matthews Church in Auckland. His acceptance of the tender was dated December 1872.

Children of ELIJAH WEBB and ROSAMOND BAVAGE included:

*              THOMAS ELIJAH 2 WEBB, born 1851 in Jersey, Channel Islands.

*              WILLIAM WEBB, born 2 November 1853 in Islington, London, England; died 1934.

*              ALFRED WEBB, born 13 December 1855 in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand; died 1925.

*              LAVINIA (CISSY) WEBB, born 19 December 1957 in Auckland, New Zealand; died 1936.

*              HENRY WEBB, born about 1862 in Auckland; accidentally drowned at The Wharfs, Auckland (inquest held 9 May 1872)

*              ROSAMOND WEBB, born 1 January 1864 in Auckland, New Zealand; died 1934.

*              MATLIDA MARY (TILLY) WEBB, born 8 January 1867 in Auckland, New Zealand; died 1888.

Elijah died on his residence in Mt Eden Road, Auckland on 16 August 1892 and was buried at Purewa Cemetery, Auckland. Rosamond died in 1904.



2.      ~ ~ ~ THOMAS ELIJAH WEBB (ELIJAH) was born 1851 in St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands and was the eldest son of ELIJAH WEBB and ROSAMOND CAROLINE BAVAGE. He arrived in New Zealand with his parents on 17 October 1855 on the ship Joseph Fletcher. Thomas married MARTHA ROSAMOND SIMPSON at Glenburn, Auckland on 29 June 1876. Martha was born around 1849 in Westminster, London and was the eldest daughter of James and Martha SIMPSON. She had arrived in New Zealand with her parents and two younger sisters Charlotte and Sarah on the Gypsy in October 1854.

Children of THOMAS WEBB and MARTHA SIMPSON were:

*              THOMAS ELIJAH 3 WEBB born in 1877.

*              HENRY NORMAN 4 WEBB, born 8 March 1879; died 20 September 1952.

*              MARTHA ROSAMOND WEBB, born 1884; died 1956.

*              HILDA MAY WEBB, born 1888.

By 1895 Thomas had set up a business in Upper Symonds Street in Auckland as a Painter, Paperhanger and Signwriter. By 1919 he had moved his business to the top of Symonds Street and was trading as a Picture Framer, Paperhanger and Glazier selling wall paper, picture moldings, paints and artists materials.

Thomas died on 11 October 1920 aged 69 years and was buried at Waikumete Cemetery in Auckland. Martha died in August 1938 in Mt Eden, Auckland.


3. ~ ~ ~ THOMAS ELIJAH WEBB (THOMAS > ELIJAH) was born in 1877 in Auckland, New Zealand and was the eldest son of THOMAS WEBB and MARTHA SIMPSON. Thomas married ETHEL MAY McKENZIE in 1907 in Auckland, NZ. Thomas was a painter by trade.


*              FREDERICK McKENZIE WEBB, born 1908; died 1934 aged 26 years.

Thomas died on 2 April 1959 in Mt Eden, Auckland and was buried at Waikumete Cemetery.

3. ~ ~ ~ HENRY NORMAN WEBB (ELIJAH > THOMAS) was born 8 March 1879 in Auckland and was the second son of THOMAS WEBB and MARTHA SIMPSON. Henry was a painter by trade. He married MARTHA LOUISA BRIDGENS on 23 March 1904 in Auckland. Martha was born on 9 August 1879 in Eden Terrace, Auckland and was the second daughter of EDWARD BRIDGENS and MARTHA WEBB.

Children of HENRY WEBB and MARTHA BRIDGENS were:

*              MARTHA DOROTHY MAUD WEBB, born January 1905 in Auckland. Martha died in July 1908 at the residence of her Grandfather in Great North Road.

*              ROSINA ELLEN MAY WEBB, born 24 October 1907 in Mt Roskill, Auckland. Rosina married ROBERT FORSTER SMITH and they had four children. Robert was born in 1903 at Alnwick, Northumberland, England. Rosina died on 15 September 1981 in Mt Roskill, Auckland.

*              NORMAN EDWARD WEBB, born 1910 in Auckland. Norman married CARITA ESMEE MERLE KNIGHT on 10 December 1932 in Auckland and they had one son. Norman died suddenly in Auckland on 17 August 1945.

*              DORIS DOREEN MARJORIE 5 WEBB, born 17 March 1919 in Auckland.

Henry died on 20 September 1952 in Mt Albert, Auckland. Martha died on 19 June 1930 also in Auckland and was buried at Waikumete Cemetery.

> Refer to the BRIDGENS family for more information about the family of Martha.


3.     ~ ~ ~ DORIS DOREEN MARJORIE WEBB (ELIJAH > THOMAS > HENRY) was born on 17 March 1919 in Auckland and was the second daughter of HENRY WEBB and MARTHA BRIDGENS. Doris married STANLEY HASLIP on 15 July 1943 at Holy Trinity Church in Otahuhu. Stan was born on 15 July 1922 and was the son of WILLIAM HENRY HASLIP and NINA ELIZA MITCHELL.

Doris and Stan settled in Otahuhu and raised a family of four children (all living). They later lived at Clarks Beach in the Franklin district.

Doris died suddenly on 2 August 1977 and was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Otahuhu. Stan died on 2 October 1995 and was also buried at Holy Trinity Cemetery in Otahuhu.

> Refer to the HASLIP family for more information about the family of Stan.

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